San Diego Auto Insurance

Are you a resident of San Diego, and in search of auto insurance? Then this is the article for you. Through the advice and assistance on this page, we hope that we can help guide you to the most cost-effective and best auto insurance in California, but that also fits your personal needs and also covers the requirements of the state law.

Situated in the very south of the long state of California, San Diego has much allure: palm trees, balmy weather and of course long stretches of coastline bordering the beautiful Pacific Ocean. However, San Diego is not a sleepy beach town, but a bustling business and educational center. This city is home to several public and private universities, such as UCSD, as well as a thriving port.  

San Diego Car Insurance Coverage

Understanding What is Required:

Before you commence looking for insurance policies, it is best to understand exactly what is required by your state. The insurance requirements for the city of San Diego fall under the same requirements that have been established for the whole state of California. What this means, is that if you decide to purchase insurance for your vehicle, then it must have two things: Property Damage Liability and Bodily Injury Liability. But there are also certain financial amounts that need to be covered by the policy which you receive, to be in accordance with the law. Under the bodily injury portion, it needs to be for one person (death or injury, in a single car accident) $15,000, and then for all individuals involved, it needs to be $30,000.  For the property damage part, $5000 needs to be covered for single accident.

This is simply our summary of what can be found on the California Department of Insurance’s website. We suggest that you review the insurance requirements in more depth and for more specificity. Another beneficial resource is the California Department of Motor Vehicles website, which also summarizes the insurance needs.

Now, with a clearer picture of what is required by this state, one can enter into the process of searching for policies with better understanding. Because when you decide to actually get a quote, you may be flooded with information. Each place will have different prices, and will also cover different things. But if you go into the process knowing exactly what coverage is mandatory, then you will be able to weed through all of the policies and find the one that is exactly right for you.

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