Sacramento Auto Insurance

Are you in the market for car insurance in the capital city of Sacramento? Are you unsure about where to start looking for companies and policies, and don’t feel like just blindly getting quotes? This site is here to help. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your insurance search, then learning about the California State Auto Insurance requirements can be the best place to start.

Nestled up in northern California, Sacramento is the capital of the large Golden state. It is home to many important government offices, as well as various businesses and universities, such as the CSU Sacramento. It is located just a few hours’ drive from the urbane city of San Francisco and also from the tranquil mountain hideaway of Lake Tahoe.  

Finding Car Insurance in Sacramento

Sacramento is under the same requirements as the rest of the state of California. The two parts of the car insurance requirements are Property Damage Liability and Bodily Injury Liability. For the property damage portion, for each individual accident, the policy must cover $5,000. And then for the bodily injury section, also regarding each single accident, $15,000 needs to be covered for the injury/death of one person, and then $30,000 for all individuals involved. These are the minimum requirements for this state. If you would like to learn more, please visit the official Department of Motor Vehicle website here. We highly suggest reading through the DMV’s information, to give you a full grasp of the regulations.

Now armed with a better idea of what is required by state law, you may find that the search for car insurance is a little bit easier. Investigating companies and obtaining insurance quotes online is an excellent place to start when you first begin to search for policies. Some people call around and speak to different insurance companies on the phone. That is one option, but it can be very time consuming. Doing research online allows you to find the information quickly and efficiently, and all at your convenience. If you would still prefer a more human connection, then after you have found several companies, with have sensible policies that would be a good time to call them directly.

Thanks for looking around our page dedicated to Auto Insurance Sacramento. If you do not currently live in this city, or are planning to settle in another California town, then take a look around as we might have the city to which you are moving. For example, if you will be moving down south, then try our page dedicated to San Diego Car Insurance. Or maybe if you are heading to the west, try Auto Insurance in San Francisco.